NITI Aayog recommends to lower sugarcane production


NITI Aayog, the Union government’s think-tank, has suggested the central government to give incentive to sugarcane farmers to shift to another crops. It has recommended to give incentive of Rs 6,000 per acre to shift to other crops.

According to the news report published in Mumbai Mirror, NITI Aayog said that the area under sugarcane cultivation should be brought down by three lakh hectares over the next next three years. Sugarcane is grown over 52 lakh hectares area in the country every year.

From the last few years, sugar mills are sitting with surplus sugar, due to which sugarcane arrears are also not being cleared. Sugar mills claim due to low sugar sales, they are unable to clear cane dues.

Also, government has advised sugar mills to divert excess sugarcane towards ethanol production.

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