No decision on closure of sugar mill: Government

Ponda: State government has said that it has not taken any decision to close the Sanjivani sugar mill. The move came after sugarcane farmers from the state threatened to agitate the announcement to close sugar mill operations.

According to the media report, in a press release through the Department of Information and Publicity, the government said it has not taken any decision to close the mill.

“The Administrator has informed that the meeting was conducted today with farmers at factory for exploring the various options given by the farmers in respect of the said factory,” the statement clarified.

Rajendra Desai, president of sugarcane farmers told the media person that the mill Administrator informed farmers on Wednesday that the mill has incurred a loss of Rs 168 crore and henceforth will not start operations in future.

Recently, Leader of Opposition Digambar Kamat said, “The announcement made by the Administrator appointed by the BJP government in Goa to permanently close down Sanjeevani Sugar Factory, which was established by the first Chief Minister of Goa Dayanand Bandodkar, is a huge blow to sugarcane farmers in Goa.”

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