Not just sugar factories, but all factories should be privatised: Murugesh Nirani

Mysuru: Nirani sugar ( MRN Group) has won the lease bid to run Pandavapura Sahakara Sakkare Kharkhane Niyamita (PSSKL). It is also popularly known as Pandavapura Sugar Factory, which is located in Madya district, Karnataka.

Speaking to media persons on Tuesday, Former minister and chairman of MRN Group Murugesh Nirani said, “Not just sugar factories, but all factories should be privatised, through global tenders in a transparent way.”

The mill was a lifeline for thousands of farmers. It got shut down 15 years ago after mill ran into losses. The mill will be on lease for the period of 40 years.

According to the, he said, “national leaders, including former prime minister Manmohan Singh and Prime minister Narendra Modi, have said that the governments should concentrate on development works and formulate policies for the welfare of the people and nation, instead on running profitable businesses, like industries.”

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