Not So Sweet Crushing For Goa This Year


ChiniMandi, Ponda: Every year, Goa starts its crushing in 1st week of November itself, this year, The central pollution control board have shown a red flag to the only sugar mill of Goa. Sanjivani Sahakhari Sakhar Karkhana has come under a situation where CPCB has asked the mill to not start the production unless effluent monitoring systems are in place. The mill has not yet installed continuous emission monitoring systems whose valuation goes up to almost half a crore. As per an official the action has been taken under the Air and Water Act.

This delay in starting the crushing is affecting the perishable crop as well as the financial risks of farmers’ are on stake. Every year, Goan farmers supply around 40 to 50 thousand tonnes of cane. This cane cannot be supplied outside of the state as the sugar content in the cane varies from around 5% from neighboring areas.



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