Now 5 per cent GST on Khandsari sugar


From July 18, several household items including jaggery, Khandsari sugar among other things, will get costlier after the GST rates were hiked in the 47th Goods and Services Tax meeting in Chandigarh last month.

As per the notification, jaggery of all types including Cane Jaggery (gur), Palmyra Jaggery, pre-packaged and labelled; Khandsari Sugar, pre-packaged and labelled will atrract 5 per cent GST. It will come into effect on July 18, 2022.

Sunil Shah, an industry expert, shared his opinion on GST decision. Talking to ChinMandi, he said, “The jaggery and Khandsari sugar industries are already going through a crisis. The government imposing 5 per cent GST will put more burden on them.”


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