Now there is no need to upload land records while filling online declaration forms

Lucknow: In order to provide better digital facility to the Cane farmers of the state and to save their time and money as well as to make them self-reliant, the facility of filling the online declaration form on ERP website- is provided by Cane Development Department. To address the difficulties faced by the cane farmers in filling the online declaration forms, guidelines are being issued by the department to the regional officers from time to time. In this regard, the process of filling the online declaration form has been simplified on the basis of the discussions held with the Departmental officers and the suggestions given by the farmers.

Giving detailed information in this regard, Commissioner, Cane and Sugar, Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy has told that in order to simplify the complicated process of filling the online declaration form and keeping in mind the facilities of the farmers, the option of correction has been given to the farmers. On the basis of suggestions received from farmers, the arrangement of uploading “Khatauni” as a proof of land revenue has been stopped in the interest of farmers. Along with this, the decision has been taken by the Cane Commissioner to disable the section of uploading documents in the online forms of those farmers who will open the form through 04 digits of Aadhar card.

He told that many amendments have been made to fill the online declaration form by the farmers on ERP, under which the difficult languages of the software have been more simplified, like- ’शरदकालीन’ in place of ‘Autumn’, कृषक अंश’ in place of ’share percentage’, ‘गन्ना किसम’ place of ‘Ganna jaati’ and ’खतौनी खाता संख्या’ in place of khasra number, etc, these simple and practical words have been used in the interest of farmers. The option of recording the farmers share of land holding (CLA) as 1/3, 1/4 is also given to cane farmers in the software of ERP. In the declaration form, the unit of cane area is given in hectares and the status of filling the declaration form and zone, district has also been visible on the dashboard. While filling the online declaration form, arrangement have been made to change the village and register more than one village for transfer entry.

The Cane Commissioner also informed that in accordance with the instructions received from the Government, and to make each phase of cane supply, transparent and convenient to cane farmers, this facility is being provided for filling the online declaration form. The simplification of the arrangements related to filling the declaration form will prove beneficial to the departmental personnel as well as the cane farmers.

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