NSI Director to deliver talk on “Sugar Industry- The Growth Engine of India” at upcoming Annual Convention of STAI

Prof. Narendra Mohan, Director, National Sugar Institute, Kanpur has been invited to deliver a talk on “Sugar Industry- The Growth Engine of India” during the forthcoming Annual Convention of The Sugar Technologists Association of India to be held at Thiruvanthpuram from 6-8th September 2023. He will present details of the strategic plan prepared by National Sugar Institute, Kanpur through which the Indian Sugar Industry will be able to not only attain the economic sustainability but also to accelerate the industrialization with enhanced contribution to national economy as a whole.

Indian sugar industry is the second largest agro-based industry of the country after Cotton. Apart from contributing to country’s GDP, its contribution in creating social infra-structure, generating employment opportunities and rural industrialization is significant.

With the government proactive policies and opportunities available, the Indian sugar industry can play a vital role in development of start-up ecosystem and promoting MSME sector so as to produce many value- added products from the by-products and waste. There are technologies available out of shelf with assured market for various bio-products viz. graphene oxide, vanillin, surfactants, dietary fibre, bio-char, silica nano particles, potash rich fertilizer and products of mass consumption like particle board and eco-ware crockery, said Prof. Narendra Mohan.

Promoting entrepreneurship through various business models shall play a significant role in socio-economic development, generating employment, bridging rural-urban divide and enhanced contribution to the nation’s economy. This will also ensure a more vibrant and sustainable Indian sugar industry taking care of all its stakeholders in a better way. This all is to be discussed with the captains of Indian Sugar Industry during the convention, he said.



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