NY March 2020 totals 956,056 tonnes

According to the reports of Marex Spectron, the expiry looked as if it followed the pattern of the March London; the premium shot up, then shot down, leaving the receiver with presumably a handsome futures profit and owning sugar at a reasonable premium to May futures.

A total of 956,056 tonnes of raw sugar have been tendered against the March 2020 contract. With the expiry of SBH20 contract on Friday, Wilmar had the whole part of 18,820 lots.

The load ports were Maceio (207213.2 tonnes), Paranagua (311708.8 tonnes) Santos (216306.4 tonnes) in Brazil, El Salvador (4978.4 tonnes) in Acajutla, Pueto Quetzal (175869.6 tonnes) in Gautemala and Durban (39979.6 tonnes) in South Africa.

The listed sellers were Czarnikow (113385.6 tonnes) and Sucden Paris (211378.8 tonnes), CSC (36982.4 tonnes), EDF Man (212140.8 tonnes), Enerfo (17983.2 tonnes), COFCO (7467.6 tonnes), Sucden Miami (85394.8 tonnes), Glencore (174904.4 tonnes), LDC (96418.4 tonnes).

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