Odisha: Ganjam farmers seek hike in sugarcane price

Berhampur, Odisha: As the Aska Cooperative Sugar Industries Limited (ACSIL) prepares to commence operations, sugarcane growers in Ganjam district are advocating for a revised procurement price of Rs 3,500 per tonne for their crop, reported The Times of India.

This request, submitted through a memorandum by the district sugarcane growers’ association to the elected management board of the factory, reflects the growers’ concern over higher input costs compared to the previous year’s rate of Rs 3,100.

In addition to the pricing request, the association has emphasized the need for a timely supply of fertilizers, seeds, and pesticides to support farmers. They have also urged for the prompt initiation of the crushing process.

Addressing the concerns raised by the sugarcane growers, Rabindra Nath Panda, President of the management board of ACSIL, assured that the sugarcane price determination would take into account various factors, including the growers’ demands and the financial health of the cooperative. The decision on the sugarcane price is expected to be finalized before the commencement of operations.


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