Officials from sugar factories and distilleries attend online training programme


Kanpur: Two days online training programme on “Effluent Treatment Plant Operation and Analysis of Effluent in Sugar Factories & Distilleries” commenced today at National Sugar Institute, Kanpur. The programme is being attended by officials from sugar factories and distilleries situated in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Bihar, Haryana & Punjab. Besides them, officials of Central Pollution Control Board are also participating in the programme.

Inaugurating the programme, Shri Narendra Mohan, Director, National Sugar Institute highlighted the liquid-solid waste management and need for converting waste to resource. With the advent of technologies, the carbon di-oxide gas from distillery fermenters is being captured for use as dry ice for multiple usesincluding food and vaccine preservation. The filter cake, boiler ash, spent wash and sludge all is now being used for producing Compressed Biogas or bio-compost or potash rich fertilizer. For reducing effluent generation and to preserve natural resources, it is important for the industry to minimize fresh water usage during processing by following the basic principle of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”, he said.

During the technical sessions, Shri J P Srivastava detailed the overview of the current effluent treatment system to keep effluent discharge @ below 200 liters/ton of cane crushed in sugar factories and necessity of achieving “Zero Liquid Discharge” in distilleries. He advocated use of “Best Available Technologies” and measurement of fresh water usage and effluent discharge at various unit operations for getting an insight of the system for improvement. Shri Mahendra Kumar Yadav discussed various measures viz. installation of Condensate Polishing Units, Cooling Towers and rain water harvesting for reducing fresh water intake.

Dr. Vishnu Prabhakar Srivastava while referring the norms of discharge as specified by Central Pollution Control Board, detailed standard analytical procedures for determination of BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand), TSS (Total Suspended Solids) and pH etc. The programme was conducted by Shri Anoop Kumar Kanaujia, Assistant Professor of Sugar Engineering.


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