One-Third Of The Employee Count Shed After The Merger Of Vodafone – Idea

ChiniMandi: When the merger between Vodafone and Idea was announced last march, the combined employee count from both the companies was 25000 as Vodafone India employed 13187 and Idea Cellular had 11784 permanent staff.

As per the sources, the merged entity Vodafone Idea has 17000 employees currently but by the picture, it’s unclear exactly how many employees are retained from each company.

The companies have informed that they tried their best to keep most of the employees and it would not be right to say that many of the jobs were lost as papers reported.

A spokesperson from the company said that both organizations have treated their staff with all due respect. “As we have repeatedly stated, all appointments are being made on the basis of ‘best person for the job’ principle using a fair, equitable and transparent process of selection.”

Considering the number of persons who voluntarily left the jobs, the reduction count was stated to be within 15% to 18%. Both the companies have been selective in appointing since the merger came into the picture.

The staff of Idea Cellular have reportedly been taken in at other Aditya Birla companies but it’s the opposite in the case of Vodafone India as the report stated. As per sources, Vodafone employees were interviewed to review their utility in the newly formed company.



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