ONGC invites global bid for technical services to enhance production from Mumbai High

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], June 7 (ANI): Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) announced to engage a globally-proven Technical Service Provider to enhance production from Mumbai High, the company informed in a social media post on Friday.

The ONGC said that “it is keen to engage an internationally-proven ‘Technical Service Provider’ to enhance production from its maturing Mumbai High field on the Arabian Sea”

The Mumbai High field, which began production in 1976, is now in a mature stage, having produced oil and gas for 48 years. Over the years, ONGC has implemented various schemes to sustain and enhance production levels.

However, the company recognizes that further potential can be unlocked by applying best-in-class reservoir management technologies and adopting globally recognized operational and management practices.

To identify the appropriate service provider, ONGC has initiated an international competitive bidding (ICB) process, which was officially floated on 1 June 2024. Interested parties have until 15 September 2024 to submit their bids.

The criteria for participation are stringent, with a focus on major international oil and gas companies that have annual revenues exceeding 75 billion USD. This ensures that only the most capable and experienced firms are considered for this critical role.

The company highlighted that the selected Technical Service Provider will be contracted for a period of ten years, with an option to extend the contract by an additional five years.

The scope of work for the provider is comprehensive, encompassing a thorough review of the field’s performance and identification of improvements in Wells, Reservoir, and Facilities Management (WRFM), including water injection systems.

The provider will also suggest and help implement suitable technological interventions aimed at enhancing production efficiency.

Furthermore, the contract includes the responsibility for conducting integrated reservoir and Front End Engineering Design (FEED) studies, along with developing detailed work plans for the field’s development. This holistic approach ensures that all aspects of the field’s operation and management are optimized for maximum productivity.

This move is part of ONGC’s broader strategy to sustain its leadership in the Indian oil and gas sector by continuously enhancing the performance and efficiency of its key assets. (ANI)


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