Online submission of sugarcane declaration forms going at slow pace

Pilibhit: Sugarcane farmers who will supply cane for the upcoming crushing season must submit their details online through a declaration form. However it is happening at slow pace.

Non-compliance with the online submission may result in the sugar mill refusing to accept the farmer’s cane for crushing.But the process of filling and submitting the declaration forms has been progressing slowly, prompting farmers to expedite the submission process.

To address this issue, the sugarcane survey team is diligently spreading awareness among farmers about the requirement.

The district, with approximately 1 lakh hectares of land dedicated to cane cultivation, is witnessing visits from the survey teams, urging farmers to promptly submit their declaration forms for the 2023-24 crushing season.

Jitendra Kumar Mishra, the District Collector Officer (DCO), expressed the need for the survey teams to actively promote the timely submission of declaration forms among farmers.


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