BKU raises issues of pending cane dues

Shamli, Uttar Pradesh: A panchayat of BKU members was held in the premises of Konthalpur Gurudwara in Khodarsama, where the issue of pending sugarcane dues was strongly raised, reports Live Hindustan.

The District President urged the attendees to engage in this struggle with determination. The strength of the organization and the issues faced by the farmers were discussed during the meeting.

District President Kalendra Malik appealed to the members to strengthen the organization. He also advised the workers to stay away from conflicts.

The panchayat were chaired by President Irshad Nivasi Jijaula and conducted by Operating Master Mohar Singh. In the Panchayat, Baba Shyam Singh, Chau. Kaluram, Block President Pal Singh, Sahab Singh, Gurmeet Singh, Arvind, Vinesh Kumar, Manoj Kumar Kandhala, Gautam Panwar, Ashok Kumar Keratu, Sukhpal Kamalpur, Rajkumar Mangalore, Ranveer Singh, Abhay Khatriyan, Manpal, Vipin Kumar, and Abbas Pradhan were present.


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