Pakistan: Experts advise farmers to start sugarcane cultivation in September for bumper production

Faisalbad, Pakistan: Agricultural experts are urging farmers to start planting sugarcane immediately and prioritize its cultivation during this month to achieve a bountiful harvest.

The Agriculture (Extension) Department spokesperson explained that sugarcane planted in September is ready for harvesting early and typically yields more than crops planted in October or November. Emphasizing the significance of sugar as a vital commodity that plays a central role in meeting people’s food needs, the spokesperson highlighted that cultivating sugarcane can also assist growers in addressing financial challenges due to its favorable market value.

In light of these advantages, farmers are encouraged to allocate a significant portion of their land for sugarcane cultivation. Employing modern agricultural technologies for both sowing and harvesting is recommended, as these advanced techniques can substantially increase per-acre yields.

Furthermore, selecting healthy seeds for cultivation is crucial, as the quality of the seed significantly impacts production. Farmers are advised to opt for hybrid and approved sugarcane varieties, known for their resistance to various diseases and their ability to yield high-quality crops.

Some of the approved sugarcane varieties recommended for September cultivation include CPF-243, CPF-246, CPF-247, SHF-240, HSF-242, CP-77-400, CP-72-2086, CP-433-33, CPF-237, SPF-245, SPF-234, SPF-213, and SPSG-26, among others. These varieties have the potential to yield between 60,000 to 80,000 kilograms per acre, according to the spokesperson.


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