Pakistan: Farmers asked to prepare land for sugarcane cultivation in September

Faisalabad, Pakistan: Agriculture experts are advising farmers to start preparing their lands for sugarcane cultivation in September. This month is considered the most suitable for increasing sugarcane production in the country. The Agriculture (Extension) Department spokesperson stated that sugarcane plays a crucial role in meeting domestic food needs. Farmers are encouraged to allocate a significant portion of their land for sugarcane cultivation, as this crop’s appealing market price could help alleviate their financial challenges.

The spokesperson recommended that farmers employ the latest agricultural technologies and focus on cultivating approved sugarcane varieties that demonstrate resistance to various diseases while ensuring high-quality yields. Among the approved sugarcane varieties for September cultivation are CPF-243, CPF-246, CPF-247, SHF-240, HSF-242, CP-77-400, CP-72-2086, CP-433-33, CPF-237, SPF-245, SPF-234, SPF-213, and SPSG-26. These varieties are known to mature early and provide higher yields compared to those cultivated in November or October.


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