Pakistan: FIRs against Tandlianwala Sugar Mills


Lahore: Two separate FIRs have been registered against the Tandlianwala Sugar Mills with a local police station in Faisalabad district. The mill has been booked for not paying the cane bills to the sugarcane farmers within the stipulated time after issuing Cane Procurement Receipt (CPR) and for not issuing the CPR to the other cane farmer.

Both the offences are cognizable as per the amendment in the Sugar Factories Control (Amendment) Act 1950. The complaint was forwarded by the Cane Commissioner, Punjab to take action against the miller.
The incident came to light after Muhammad Zaman Wattoo; Cane Commissioner was on a visit to Kanjwani area of Faisalabad district and the farmers made the complaint against the Tandlianwala Sugar Mills. He conducted an enquiry and asked the concerned police station to take action against the mill.

Speaking to a local media, Wattoo said, he is committed to stop all the wrong precedents and ensure that the sugarcane farmers get their hard-earned money.


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