Pakistan follows India’s footsteps in ethanol production

In the last few years, India has actively promoted ethanol production, yielding substantial benefits for the country. By blending ethanol into petrol, India has saved billions of rupees in foreign exchange. Now, Pakistan also seems to be following India’s footsteps with an aim to boost ethanol production in the country.

According to the news report by The News, the government is considering blending ethanol into petrol, and the Prime Minister has established a committee to explore this possibility. Led by the Minister of Petroleum, the committee includes the Minister of Finance, Minister of State for Finance, and Secretary of the Petroleum Division as members.

The committee’s mandate includes formulating a policy for ethanol blending in petrol, guided by specific terms of reference (TORs). It will evaluate international best practices and review previous attempts within Pakistan to blend ethanol with petrol. The objective is to devise a comprehensive plan and policy framework for the production and distribution of ethanol-blended petrol nationwide. The Prime Minister has set a deadline of one month for the committee to finalize its recommendations.

Ethanol is evidently being a game-changer for the Indian sugar industry with the aim to enhance India’s energy security. India has successfully met its blending targets in the past and remains on course to achieve 20% blending by 2025.

Also, Global Biofuels Alliance (GBA), launched by PM Narendra Modi at G20 Summit in New Delhi, is gaining momentum & inspiring industry leaders, entrepreneurs around the world.

The GBA is a consortium of governments, international organizations, and industries, introduced as an initiative by India during its presidency of the G20. Its core purpose is to unite the most significant consumers and producers of biofuels to drive the development and deployment of biofuels.



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