Pakistan: Government asks input of sugar millers to amend Sugar Factories Control Act

Lahore, Pakistan: Pakistan’s Punjab government has sought the inputs from sugar millers regarding the amendment of Sugar Factories Control Act, 1950.

Muhammad Zaman Wattoo, Sugarcane Commissioner, has written to the Pakistan Sugar Mills Association chairman and invited all the millers to submit their opinion regarding the amendment at his office.

The major amendments include the punishment for delaying in cane payment to the sugarcane growers and non-payment of the interest on the pending dues. The government also plans to include jail terms for failing to obey the laws set by the government.

As per the existing law, in the existing law, the cane commissioner can impose a fine on non-depositing or delayed depositing of the cess, 50 per cent of which is levied on the cane seller and the mills have to give the matching amount to be deposited with the treasury in monthly instalments.

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