Pakistan: Government asks sugar mills to disclose buyers’ details

Lahore: Pakistan’s Punjab government has asked the sugar mills to compulsory share the details of the buyers as the government is sorting out the issues related to the anonymous and untraceable transactions that are leading to the tax evasion and hoarding of sugar.

According to the media reports, as per the rule, 16 (10) of the Punjab Sugar Factories (Control) Rules 1950 – the Food Department has made the millers mandatory to provide full details of buyers in a prescribed form. The mills should provide the details including the full name of the buyer, father name, CNIC, mobile number, name of sugar mills and date of transactions along with the complete address and the quantity transacted by the mill to the buyer.

This will help in increasing the tax collection, said the market observers. Zaman Wattoo, the provincial cane commissioner said, “The sugar mills do not furnish the details of the buyers and the quantity they have purchased. This facility leads to hoarding of sugar and profiteering by anti-social elements.”


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