Pakistan: Government delays to amend law to punish sugar mills


Lahore, Pakistan: According to the media reports, Pakistan’s Punjab government is delaying to introduce the legislation in the provincial assembly to amend the Punjab Sugar Factories (Control) Act 1950, which permits to fine sugar millers that delay cane crushing season. As per the law, the sugar mills in the province should start operations from October 1 every year. However, the millers delay the starting of operations.

Prime Minister Imran Khan had on July 27 asked the provincial governments to introduce legislation in three weeks to ensure that the sugar mills start crushing in time. The Punjab government had approved the amendments to the Act on August 13 but has not tabled it in the assembly to pass it.

As per the amendment, the fine of Rs 5 million can be imposed on defaulter mills including three years jail. According to a provincial government official, there is a delay in passing the amendment which indicates that the provincial government is not interested in passing it.


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