Pakistan : Government initiates action against sugar mills evading tax

Islamabad : The interim government has resolved to initiate a crackdown on sugar mills evading taxes and on the sugar industry’s proposal to import raw sugar for export purposes, according to profit.pakistantoday.

This decision emerged from a meeting of the Sugar Advisory Board (SAB), presided over by the interim Minister for Commerce, Gohar Ijaz.

During the meeting, Minister Ijaz cautioned the sugar industry that stringent measures would be taken against mills failing to fulfill their tax obligations. Furthermore, he dismissed the industry’s suggestion to import raw sugar for export, asserting that such a move could disrupt local market prices and be detrimental to public interests.

The gathered officials were apprised that this year’s sugar production estimates stand at 6.5 million tons, owing to increased crop yields, compared to the initial projection of 6.2 million tons at the beginning of the season.

Minister Ijaz highlighted that there is currently a surplus of one million tons of sugar, even considering the reduced sugarcane area and the successful curbing of sugar smuggling to neighboring countries.

Emphasizing the government’s priorities, Minister Ijaz stated that they are committed to ensuring the availability of essential commodities at affordable rates and safeguarding the interests of sugarcane farmers. He urged the sugar industry to present its raw sugar import plan for the government’s thorough consideration.


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