Pakistan: Government may approve controlled sugar export

The government is getting ready to agree on a plan to control sugar exports after sugar mill owners pushed for it. They will have a meeting after Eid to talk about the plan, reported Pakistan Today.

The first idea is to allow exporting of 250,000 metric tonnes of sugar, which is less than what the Pakistan Sugar Mills Association asked for.

Officials from the food department in provinces said this was because the sugar mill association asked the Finance and Commerce Ministers to let them export more sugar since there’s too much this year.

The official numbers show that this year country made 6.752 million metric tonnes of sugar, and had another 0.823 million metric tonnes from last year, making a total of 7.575 million metric tonnes available.

By March 31, 2024, 2.572 million metric tonnes have been sold, so there are still 5.003 million metric tonnes left. With people using about 0.572 million metric tonnes of sugar each month, mills claim they have enough sugar for about eight months, until December 2024.

The government remains cautious, noting that with the crushing season typically beginning in the third week of November, the carryover stock for the next season is estimated to be between 0.8 to 0.9 million metric tonnes, contradicting the PSMA’s claim of a 1.5 million metric tonnes surplus.


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