Pakistan: Government refutes millers allegation of sugarcane shortage


Islamabad: Pakistan government has rejected the allegations made by the Pakistan Sugar Mills Association over the shortage of sugarcane supply and stated that the crop is not being sold at Rs 300 per kg as mentioned by the PSMA in a letter written to the Prime Minister last week.

The Ministry of Industries and Production responded to the PSMA letter stating that “As per the bank receipts provided to the sugarcane farmers, the crop was bought at Rs 220 per 40 kg.”

PSMA had written a letter to PM blaming the sugarcane farmers for selling them crops at a higher rate than the rate fixed by the government at Rs 200 per 40 kg. This would lead to a hike in sugar rates by Rs 100 per kg, said PSMA.

The allegations were rejected by the All Pakistan Farmers Foundation chairman stating that the mills are trying to blackmail the government.


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