Pakistan government takes action against former PM Nawaz Sharif’s sugar mills


Lahore: Pakistan government took possession of 36 Kanals of land from former Prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s sugar mill located in Punjab province which was allegedly encroached 37 years ago.

Confirming the action Gohar Nafees, chief of Punjab Anti-corruption Establishment (ACE) said, “Action has been taken against Sharif family’s mills in Sahiwal, some 200 km away from Lahore”.

The 69-year-old Sharif is serving a seven-year jail term in Kot Lakhpat jail. Sharif and family have rejected the charges stating that the allegations are politically motivated.

The machinery from the mill has been shifted to Rahim Yar Khan long ago to set up new mill but was halted after apex court’s order. “Notices will be issued against the Sharif family in this regard soon. The action will be taken to recover government loss of rent since 1982”, said Nafees. The AEC is likely to question Sharif about this in Lahore jail. Sharif allegedly allotted land when he was chief minister of Punjab province.
When asked about the issue, Sharif said that it is a 30-year old case and he does not remember anything. His legal team is looking into the matter.

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