Pakistan: Govt sets up special cell to monitor sugar export

Karachi: The customs department of Pakistan has set up a special cell at Port Qasim Collectorate to keep a check on the exports of 250,000 metric tons of sugar from the country, according to brecorder.

The step has been taken after the government allowed the export of 250,000 metric tons of sugar through an Office Memorandum issued by the Ministry of Commerce last month.

The special cell will closely monitor the export of sugar and ensure that the authorized exporters receive proper facilitation. The cell is located at the Collectorate of Customs (Exports) PMBQ in Karachi.

The cell will also coordinate between the exporters, the State Bank of Pakistan, and the Collectorate and will prepare the report about the quota consumption.

The export of sugar will be discontinued if the domestic price of the sweetener increases, as per the Sugar Advisory Board (SAB).


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