Pakistan: National Accountability Bureau launches inquiry into ‘Mega Sugar Scandal’

Lahore: Pakistan’s National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has initiated an investigation into the ‘mega sugar scandal,’ which has resulted in billions of rupees in losses to the national treasury, reported ARY News.

According to media report, the primary suspect, Sheikh Rashid, along with his partners, is under direct investigation for allegedly embezzling billions of rupees from sugar dealers and traders. The NAB Director General (DG) Lahore has assembled a team to conduct immediate investigations, focusing on Sheikh Rashid, Kashif, and Faisal.

A spokesperson for NAB stated that Sheikh Rashid’s four warehouses in Sadiqabad were utilized to store sugar stocks. Following the DG NAB’s orders, all warehouses and shops have been sealed.

Previously, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) deployed special teams to oversee sugar mills across Pakistan to prevent tax evasion. An FBR spokesperson said that field formation teams were placed in sugar mills nationwide, noting that sugar is one of the commodities under state surveillance.

Authorities monitored sugar production, sales, clearance, stock, and other activities at the mills, and required tax stamps on each sack. Violations of tax stamp regulations could result in the seizure of the entire stock and up to three years of imprisonment for the offender.

The NAB emphasized that any attempts to evade sales tax on sugar would be met with strict measures, including filing cases against mill owners found guilty of sugar theft.


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