Pakistan: Long queues to buy sugar at subsidized rate


Faisalabad: Eyeing holy month of Ramazan, Pakistan government introduced Ramazan discount bazaars to provide daily use items including sugar at subsidized rates. But people claim they have to wait in long queues to buy sugar at a subsidized rate.

People in Faisalabad alleged that they have to show their CNIC (Computerised National Identity Card) and wait for hours in line to get just one 1 kg of sugar. They claimed that for three days the administration gave 2 kgs each, but after receiving orders from higher authority, it got limited to 1 kg each, reports samaa tv.

The demand for the sugar in Pakistan goes up in summers as it is extensively used in the preparation of traditional drinks, juices and other things during the holy month.

The government had promised that all essential commodities of daily use would be available to people on up to 20 per cent discount, but people continue criticising the government for making tall claims rather than controlling the massive price hike. In Lahore, the price of sugar at Ramazan discount bazaars is Rs 55 per kg, whereas in the open market it is Rs 60.

Citizens have expressed wonder over a difference in prices of various items in Ramazan bazaars than the open market and requested the government to do some serious efforts for ensuring availability of necessary quality things at cheaper rates rather than making tall claims.


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