Pakistan Millers threaten to hike sugar prices if not acted against middlemen


Lahore: The sugar mills in Pakistan have threatened to increase sugar rates if the government fails to take action against the middlemen who are responsible for hiking sugarcane purchase prices.

The prices of sugarcane have increased above Rs 300 per 40 kg, said a representative of the Pakistan Sugar Mills Association (PSMA). The price of sugar increases if the cost of sugarcane rises and the involvement of middlemen is helping the same.

He alleged that the provincial government is not taking action against the middlemen.

The action against the middlemen in Bhakkar is yielding good results. The middlemen purchase sugarcane from farmers at a lower rate and sell to the Mills at a higher rate, the representative said.

The spokesman further added, “The issue was discussed during the sugar advisory board meeting held at Islamabad. Following this secretary, Industries issued an advisory to provincial governments to take action against the middlemen. But despite this, the middlemen continue their action and it is hampering the interests of the sugarcane farmers as well as sugar mills. The shortage of sugarcane is also affecting the crushing operations of the sugar mills.”


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