Pakistan PM Imran Khan agrees government’s ‘negligence’ over sugar crisis


Lahore: Agreeing that his government was negligent over sugar and wheat crisis, Prime Minister Imran Khan has stated that the government will punish those involved in the artificial hike of the sugar and wheat prices.

Imran said, “We have started an investigation of the sudden hike in prices and are getting the details about who is involved in this. We will not spare them,”.

“We are building a system that would help in identifying the short in supply of a commodity so that we could import it immediately as per requirement,” he further added.

The prices of sugar and wheat skyrocketed last month owing to the fear of the shortage of these commodities.

Pakistan government are leaving no stone unturned to low down sugar prices. According to the reports, in a recent crackdown against hoarders, the district administration had sealed two godowns where over 8,000 sugar bags and other commodities were stored.

The Price Monitoring Committee, in its recent meeting, expressed serious concern at the hike in sugar price. As a precautionary measure, Pakistan has decided to import 300,000 tons of sugar and to impose a ban on its export.

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