Pakistan: Protesters vow to continue sit-in as stir against wheat price hike enters 14th day

Gilgit-Baltistan [PoK], January 10 (ANI): The agitation against the increase in the concessional price of wheat entered its fourteenth day on Tuesday, as thousands of people from the city and surrounding areas participated in the sit-in, Pak vernacular media reported.

According to a report, people turned out in huge numbers and raised slogans while demanding the reduction of wheat prices as well as the immediate withdrawal of the Fourth Schedule, which they claimed has been used to target prominent personalities in the country.

During the sit-in, the chairman of All Party Alliance, Ghulam Hussain Athar, Sheikh Ahmed Tarabi, Sheikh Fida Zeeshan, Najaf Ali, Ahmed Chau Shigar, Wajid Ahmed Khan and others delivered speeches saying that the protesters will not withdraw from Yadgar Chowk till the price of wheat is reduced.

“We will not retreat an inch from our demands, even if they want to do atrocities, the sit-in is going on under Plan A. If the problem is not solved, then we will proceed to Plan B, then we will move towards C. Instead of creating problems, the government is imposing restrictions on peaceful citizens. It is not known whether the government The sealing of Gilgit Ghari Bagh is a clear proof of the government’s indolence,” a report quoted a protester as saying.

Further, as per the report, on the call of Awami Action Committee Yasin, a similar sit-in over wheat subsidy lasted seven days. Under the leadership of Awami Action Committee Yasin president, Bahadur Aman Shah, the sit-in was organised against the increase in the price of civil supply wheat.

Shah said in his address to the sit-in participants that the caretaker PM took note of the public protest against the rising price of wheat in Gilgit-Baltistan.

“Our demands will be resolved in a couple of days. At this time, all the dealers in the civil supply side are offering to issue wheat without challan,” he said, according to a report. (ANI)




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