Pakistan: Sindh Cabinet announces sugarcane price for crushing season 2019-2020


Sindh cabinet after detailed discussion fixed the price of sugarcane at Rs 192/40 kg, said Saeed Ghani, Minister for Information, Archives and Labour from Sindh. The Sindh Agriculture Department requested the cabinet to fix sugarcane prices for the sugar season 2019-20.

The agricultural minister Mohammad Ismail Rahu and Secretary of Agriculture while briefing to the cabinet said, “Sugar price in the market had increased from Rs 60 per kg. Total of 26 sugar mills have started crushing.”

Recently, Pakistan announced that it would not export sugar on a regular basis and it will be only exported under the special conditions and not as a regular item on the export agenda.

Sugar prices in Pakistan are skyrocketing; therefore, the government is exploring for ways to reduce it. In the last few months, the country witnessed a sudden hike in sugar prices as in Ramazan it was available at Rs 54 per kg for the residents. The Price Monitoring Committee, in its recent meeting, expressed serious concern at the hike in sugar price.

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