Pakistan: Sugar mills asked to provide sale details

Lahore: Government will initiate stern action against the sugar mills if they fail to furnish details about the sale violating the orders, said Zaman Wattoo, the Cane Commissioner, Punjab.

He issued a statement noting that the sugar prices in the country have increased in the last two months. The government has fixed the ex-mill price of sugar at Rs 76.50 per kg after considering the production cost of the commodity. Sugar mills have raised the price to Rs 80.50 per kg to increase their profits.

The sugar mills must furnish details of the sugar sold to the dealers as per the Punjab Sugar (Supply-chain Management) Order, 2021 and the Sugar Factories (Control) Act 1950. This helps the department to keep a check on sugar hoarders and maintain sugar prices at affordable rates in the market.

“The hoarders and stockists are warned against hoarding and if found then the commodity will be confiscated,” he concluded.


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