Pakistan Sugar Mills Association reject sugar crisis report


Islamabad: The sugar mill owners from Pakistan have outrightly rejected the forensic report by FIA-led inquiry commission on the shortage and price hike of the sugar earlier this year. The Pakistan Sugar Mills Association (PSMA) has issued a statement stating that the report has neglected ground realities and distorted figures.

The report released by the government on Thursday has held millers responsible for a price hike, manipulating the market, underreporting their sales, committing fraud and exploiting farmers. Expressing reservations over the report, the commission stated that there is no need to give publicity to the report.

“The committee did not consider the demand-supply gap and market forces that affected the sugar prices,” said the statement. The PSMA stated that the commission had tried to estimate the low price of sugar while making the report.

Pakistan government after approval of the Federal Cabinet made the sugar inquiry report open for public. The commission was set up to find out the reasons behind the sudden rise in sugar prices in the country.

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