Pakistan: Sugar mills to get export quota based on installed capacity

Islamabad: Sugar mills will be getting sugar export quota based on their installed capacity as the mills have not exported the approved quota of 100,000 MTs, said the sources close to the Commerce Ministry, reports Brecoder.

The source stated that the Sugar Advisory Board reviewed the data shared by the provinces and the FBR about the sugar stocks for 2021-22 and estimates of sugar production for the year 2022-23 apart from the annual consumption.

The Ministry of National Food Security and Research has noted that the SAB deliberated on the data shared by the FBR and provinces. Hence the data shared by the provinces is not factually correct and they should re-work the data, it said.

SAB has stated that 150,000 tons of sugar should be allowed to export on a first come first served basis. The Ministry of Commerce and PSMA has stated that around 200,000 tons should be allowed to export and the PSMA should be allowed to fix the export quota.


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