Pakistan: Sugar prices likely to reach Rs 100 per kg

Hyderabad, Pakistan: Though the sugar output is expected to increase this season as compared with the previous season, this is not going to provide any relief to the consumers as sugar prices are likely to cross Rs 100 per kg in the upcoming days.

The hike in price is owing to the increase in the payment to the farmers that have increased production cost of sugar, attributes the miller Ahmed Bawani, chairman, Pakistan Sugar Mills Association (PSMA), Sindh zone.
“The average sugarcane price for this season in the country is Rs 275 per 40 kg. In lower Sindh, it is Rs 300 and in middle Sindh and upper Sindh regions it is Rs 250,” he said.

Out of 84 sugar mills in the country, 38 are located in this province and 32 mills had started operations this season out of which one discontinued operation.

The sugar recovery has dropped by 0.3-0.4% this season from last years’ 10.3% recovery that has increased production cost, said Bawani.
“The ex-factory rate of sugar will increase around Rs 93 to Rs 95 per kg and this will take retail prices above Rs 100 per kg,” he said.



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