Pakistan: Sugar shortage at utility stores across the country

Islamabad: According to the media report, consumers across the country are forced to purchase sugar at a higher price in the open market as there is a shortage of the commodity in the utility stores. The consumers are forced to pay extra Rs 30-35 in the open market as there is no stock of sugar in the utility stores.

The Utility Store operations have been informed that the sugar will not be supplied for the next seven days due to shortage. The Utility Stores Corporation has issued six tenders to buy sugar as it is facing a shortage of sugar and needs to maintain the demand-supply gap.

The Corporation had bought only 20,000 metric tonnes of sugar after issuing the last tender. The consumers will have to wait for one or two weeks so that the sugar will be available at local stores.

The Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) will issue tenders to purchase sugar on March 2 and it may take up to two weeks to enter sugar in Pakistan.


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