Pakistan: Utility stores Corporation to purchase 40,000 tons of sugar

Islamabad: The Utility Stores Corporation has issued a tender to purchase 40,000 tons of sugars from the local sugar mills through the Prime Minister’s package.

The Corporation has floated a tender and asked the bidders to submit sealed bids by March 16. The Bids will be opened on March 16 in the presence of the bidders.

The Corporation had earlier planned to buy 20,000 tons of sugar and had floated the tender for the same. The sugar mills had bid at Rs 92 per kg while the Utility stores had imported sugar at Rs 82 per kg.

The Corporation had issued 2 separate tenders of 40,000 tons and 35,000 tons of sugar in the last six months and the utility stores have cancelled 5 tenders of 180,000 tons in six months.


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