Pakistani residents purchasing sugar at higher price

Once again, Pakistani consumers are facing the prospect of purchasing expensive sugar as sugar prices have begun to rise in the local market, attributed to lobbying efforts by sugar mill owners to export one million tonnes of sugar, reported Samaa.

According to media report, the Sugar Advisory Board may authorize the export of surplus sugar.

The price of a 50 kg bag of sugar has surged from Rs 300 to Rs7,000 in the wholesale market. Similarly, in the retail market, sugar is now being retailed at Rs150 to Rs162 per kg.

Even before the potential approval for sugar exports, local prices have been on the rise. In the past 10 days alone, the wholesale price of a sugar bag has exceeded Rs300, climbing from Rs6700 to Rs7000, according to sources.

Documented evidence obtained by SAMAA TV reveals that sugar prices have spiked by Rs1.5 per kg in just the past week. Concurrently, sugar has become more expensive at utility stores, where it is now priced at Rs155 per kg.


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