Pakistan’s Punjab allocates sugar export quota of 96,000 metric tonnes

According to the report, in a recent development, Pakistan’s Punjab region has allocated a sugar export quota of 96,000 metric tonnes.

Pakistan’s Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the Cabinet, on June 13 decided to allow export of 150,000 MT of sugar with Punjab contributing 64 per cent, Sindh 30 per cent, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 6 per cent.

ECC further decided that Provincial Cane Commissioners shall allocate quota for export of sugar.

According to the order by Cane Commissioner, Punab (Pakistan), data regarding sugarcane crushed and sugar produced during the crushing season 2023-24 has been obtained from the Punjab Sugar Mills Association (Punjab Zone). Analysis of data is done. It is observed that in certain areas of the province, sucrose content / recovery of sugar is higher than the other areas, therefore, allocation of quota on the basis of sugar produced would deal a double whammy to the sugar mills having less sucrose content / recovery of sugar. It is, therefore, deemed judicious and equitable to allocate quota on the basis of sugarcane crushed by each sugar mill.

Therefore it has allocated quota for export of 96,000 metric tonnes sugar on the basis of data of sugarcane crushed, provided by the Punjab Sugar Mills Association (Punjab Zone).


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