Panipat: Dahar sugar mill crushes 63 lakh quintals of sugarcane

Panipat: The second crushing season of sugar mill in Dahar village concluded on Wednesday. During this nearly five-month-long crushing season, the sugar mill crushed around 63 lakh quintals of sugarcane and produced produced 5.73 lakh quintals of sugar, reported Amar Ujala.

The mill will now be restarted once again this week. If any sugarcane growers have sugarcane left, they can bring it to the mill. If sugarcane is not received, the mill will be closed. There are also technical reasons for restarting the new mill during the shutdown process.

According to the mill’s data, 573725 quintals of sugar were produced at the mill by April 15th. Accordingly, the sugar recovery rate in the mill was 9.31%. Whereas last year the sugar production was 603225 quintals. The sugar recovery percentage last year was 9.56%. This season, about 63 lakh quintals of sugarcane were crushed, while last year 64.31 lakh quintals of sugarcane were crushed.


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