Pending cane dues: Sugar firms on Uttar Pradesh government’s radar

New Delhi: The Uttar Pradesh government may initiate action against four sugar groups- Yadus, Simbhaoli, Modi and Bajaj Hindustan that are delaying the cane payment. State sugar minister Suresh Rana said that the government is closely watching the activities of these groups and won’t hesitate to take strict action against them.”

“The department has issued recovery certificates to these groups. We are keeping a close watch on these groups, be it Modi, Simabholi and Bajaj Hindustan.,” he said.

He said, “Less than Rs 10,000 crore cane dues are yet to be cleared by mills in the state in the ongoing 2020-21 sugar season (October-September), with much of it belonging to these groups.”

So far, the state government has made a record payment of Rs 1,37,518 crore to more than 45.44 lakh sugarcane farmers. This is twice the BSP government and one and a half times more than the SP government.

A total payment of 52,131 crores was made to sugarcane farmers in BSP government, while total payment of 95,215 crores was made to sugarcane farmers in five years of SP government’s regime.

Yogi government has also paid arrears of sugarcane farmers of Rs 10661.09 crore during the tenure of Akhilesh government. In the previous governments, the sugar mills that were shutting down one after another were not only restarted by the state government but Uttar Pradesh, under the leadership of Yogi Adityanath, became number one in the production of sugar in the country.

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