Pending sugarcane dues: DM warns of action against sugar mills

Muradabad, Uttar Pradesh: DM Shailendra Singh on Tuesday hold a meeting with the sugarcane department and sugar mill officials regarding the payment of cane dues. He warned sugar mills of facing FIR if they default in cane payment.

Crushing season in the district concluded, but sugar mills failed to make 100 per cent cane payment. According to the news report published in, sugar mills owe 245 crores to cane farmers.

During a meeting with DM, officials from four sugar mills were present. He reviewed cane payment in the district.

Sugarcane farmers said that due to non-payment of a bill, they are suffering from a financial crisis. Mills claim that due to low sugar sales, they are unable to accumulate the capital and therefore failed to clear 100 per cent cane dues on time.


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