Performance of Fiji Sugar Corporation not very encouraging


The standing Committee on Economic Affairs has stated that the performance of the Fiji Sugar Corporation (FSC) is not up to the mark. The committee has marked this in the review of the annual reports of the FSC 2007-2019.

There is a need to support FSC to ensure the long-term sustainability of the sugar industry.

The report stated that the committee understands the role of the Fiji Sugar Corporation. The FSC should follow strict discipline and an effective management structure to implement all the major projects in the country.

There is a decline in the number of sugarcane growers during the review period due to the various factors, notes the committee.

According to the media report, the committee recommends that FSC, together with various stakeholders in the industry as well as commercial banks, formulate more effective strategies and incentives to revive inactive farmers and entice new farmers into joining the industry.


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