Pest attack causes concern for sugarcane farmers in Maharajganj

The pest attack of Pyrilla in sugarcane fields has increased the worries of farmers in Maharajganj. The sugarcane department has already alerted farmers, saying that the Pyrilla pest bad for sugarcane cultivation, and it is crucial to prevent its outbreak during changing weather conditions for the farmers.

Around 40,000 farmers in the areas of Siswa, Thuthibari, Ghughli, Nichaula, and Gadora in Maharajganj district have cultivated sugarcane this year. However, the fluctuating humidity and temperature in the environment have made the situation conducive to the Pyrilla pest attack in sugarcane farming. Agricultural scientists have given directions to farmers on controlling the Pyrilla pest. They have warned the farmers to be cautious and not to be negligent, as any negligence may cause significant losses to them.

Sugarcane officer Omprakash Yadav stated that sugarcane farmers should be careful during changing weather conditions. He advised the farmers to spray Imidacloprid 150-200 ml or Profenofos 750 ml, diluted in 600 liters of water, for Pyrilla pest control.

The sugarcane department has put in all efforts to educate farmers on the Pyrilla pest attack. Awareness programs are being organized in the affected areas to educate farmers about the consequences of the Pyrilla pest attack. The department has also advised farmers to be aware and take preventive measures to avoid any losses caused by the Pyrilla pest.


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