Pest damages sugarcane crops in Haryana

Karnal: Farmers in Haryana are facing huge losses as the top borer insect has damaged over 60% of production of sugarcane in the state, reports The Tribune.

According to the media report, the insecticide that was used for this insect is not able to control the spread of the disease in the past two years and this has become the cause of concern for sugarcane farmers, sugar mills, insecticide manufacturing companies and sugarcane scientists.

The scientists of the Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Regional Centre, Karnal are working on the problem and organizing a session with a leading insecticide manufacturing firm to find a solution.

Dr SK Pandey, head, ICAR-Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Regional Centre, said, “The field visits reveal that the top borer has resulted in around 60% loss in production. This insect has left impact on 95% area, which is a cause of worry for all of us. We all have to make efforts by adopting a mechanism to break the cycle of this insect.”


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