Philippines may import 400,000 metric tonnes of sugar in 2019-2020 season


As in current sugar season 2019-2020, domestic sugar production in the Philippines will not be able to meet rising sweetener demand in the country; therefore it is forecasted that the Philippines may import as much as 400,000 metric tonnes of sugar. The sugar season in the country starts in September and ends in August.

According to the report of the US Department of Agriculture-Foreign Agricultural Service, Philippines is expected to buy the same level of sugar it imported last crop year.

Sugar output in-country in the 2019-2020 season is anticipated at 2.1 million tonnes, and sugarcane production is expected at 22 million tonnes. In the previous season, the country produced 2.072million tonnes of sugar.

In the last crop year, the Philippines imported sugar two times. First of 150,000 tonnes of sugar during the commencement of season 2018-2019 in October. Second recently, in August 2019, to avoid possible sugar price hike in the Philippines, the SRA had allowed the importation of 250,000 metric tonnes of refined sugar to fulfil the deficit in domestic production. The importation program was open to all industrial users, including food, confectionaries, biscuits, beverage manufacturers, consumers and end-users such as retailers, traders, repackers and sugar mills. 100,000 MT was allocated for industrial users, while the rest 150,000 MT was for consumers, and sugar producers.

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