Philippines: Sugar millers oppose proposal to import additional molasses

Manila: Sugar millers have opposed the proposal to import additional molasses for bioethanol production citing that there are enough raw materials at the local level to cater to the industrial need, reports Philstar.

The Philippines Sugar Millers Association Inc. (PSMA) has issued a statement cautioning against the additional imports of molasses for bioethanol production.

The PSMA acted after the news spread that the Ethanol Producers Association of the Philippines (EPAP) urged the government to increase the import of molasses to ensure smooth operations and lower their production costs which would help in maintaining the prices of bioethanol.
Molasses is obtained as a by-product after producing sugar from sugarcane and used by distilleries to produce alcohol and ethanol.

Jesus Barrera, PSMA executive director said, “Local molasses production is rising and there is no need of importing additional molasses. Our demand is low and the molasses inventories are building up. There has been an overflow in molasses tanks in some mills in recent months.”
As of Jan. 29, molasses production reached 471,046.18 metric tons (MT), which is higher by 3.38% from last season, he said citing data from the Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA).


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