Philippines to use technology to help sugarcane farmers


Bacolod, Philippines: Amid the crisis of manpower due to Coronavirus pandemic, the National Federation of the Sugarcane Planters ( NFSP) is planning to use technology in helping farmers in their farm operations.

During a presentation at the NFSP Social Hall in Bacolod City last Friday, July 3, 2020, NFSP explores the latest technology which can be useful for cane growers.

According to the media report, NFSP President Enrique D. Rojas said, “I invited resource persons to speak before the presidents of NFSP-affiliated planters associations in Negros about the use of drones in fertilization and crop protection. Presidents of our more than 10 Negros-based planters association members attended. The use of drones in the application of foliar fertilizer and herbicides is a promising alternative in the face of manpower shortage in the farm.”

Rene Imperial of the DC Cruz group of companies showed that how drones can apply fertilizer and herbicides faster. It is said to be more consistently and economically as compared to the traditional mechanical spraying method.

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