Pilibhit: Farmers demand to change sugarcane procurement center to other sugar mill

Puranpur, Pilibhit: Farmers in Keshopur village have been protesting for four days against the order to allocate the village’s sugarcane procurement center to Maqsoodapur sugar mill. The farmers have demanded that the center be allocated to LH sugar mill, which has been procuring sugarcane from the village for many years, reported Amar Ujala.
The farmers say that they are dissatisfied with the sugarcane payment policy of Maqsoodapur sugar mill. They allege that the mill has delayed payment in the past and that the amount paid is often lower than the government-set minimum price.
On Wednesday, the farmers met with Pilibhit MP Varun Gandhi, who assured them that he would try to resolve the issue. Gandhi said that he would meet with the officials of the sugarcane department and the two sugar mills to discuss the matter.
The farmers have vowed to continue their protest until their demands are met.


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